Workshops and Seminars

  • Current Offerings

    For Professionals and Healthcare Settings

    Culturally Sensitive Assessment of Trauma and Race-Related Stress

    Consultation and workshops provided in this area will focus on training in the assessment of trauma and race-related stress in marginalized populations. This will also include discussions and training on cultural conceptualizations of current screeners utilized in settings that assess trauma symptoms and consideration for tailoring these assessments to diverse clients and patients.

    Racial Healing and Community


    Consultation and workshops provided in this area will focus on practices that enable and support community discussions on topics related to trauma and racism. A focus in these sessions will include discussions and implementation of sustainable community healing practices.

    Racism as a Chronic Stressor: The Influence of Racism, Bias, and Prejudice on Health

    Consultations and workshops provided in this area will focus on understanding how racism and racism-related practices can influence the health and wellness of diverse individuals, the effectiveness of systems (i.e. corporations, medical systems, schools), and impact research conducted with diverse populations.

  • Current Offerings

    For Individuals and Groups

    Self Care and Compassion

    Racial Healing

  • Previous Engagements

    Implementing Culturally Competent Trauma-Informed Care in Hospital Settings: The Importance of Race & Racism

    Trauma-Informed Training, Emory University

    Mental Health and Me: How to Care for Myself When I Care For Others Who Have Experienced Trauma

    Invited Workshop, Friends of Refrugees

    Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace & The Impact of Racism and Race Related Stress

    Fireside Chat, Mercedes-Benz Headquarters